Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy: Zero-Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Plans

No Money? No Problem!  Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy Lawyer Offers No-Money Down on Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

You have found your affordable bankruptcy attorney in Fort Lauderdale! The main question that most people have is “How Do I Pay For a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?” As much as we love helping Fort Lauderdale residents get a fresh start through bankruptcy, we know that paying for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be a challenge. Once you have a free consultation with our bankruptcy lawyer and you decide that filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best option for you, the question always turns to “how do I pay for it!” Sometimes that leads people to file a bankruptcy pro se (on their own) and from watching what happens to those who file on their own (or use a bankruptcy document preparation paralegal), I can tell you that it is not a good idea to file bankruptcy without a bankruptcy lawyer representing you. Bankruptcy is much more complicated than filling out a bunch of forms and I have seen countless people lose their cars, rental properties and sometimes, even their homes by listening to those that say “no problem!” and filing the case on their own. You don’t have to take that risk. We offer different payment options for bankruptcy attorney fees, (including a “no money down” bankruptcy option) and one of them is bound to fit your situation. Our goal is to help you get that fresh start. No Money? No Problem!!

What are the Fees and Costs for a Pembroke Pines Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

All bankruptcy plans have bankruptcy attorney fees and the costs associated with preparing and filing the bankruptcy case. The costs are the easy part: there is a filing fee that must be paid to the court, there is a cost for pulling a credit report created specifically for bankruptcy filings and there are administrative costs for setting up your case. The total of all those bankruptcy filing costs is between $485 or $460 depending on whether you file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case.

Ft Lauderdale Chapter 7 Payment Plan Options – Zero Money Down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is an Option

Prepay All Fees and Costs Before Filing Option: Under this option, you can pay all of your bankruptcy attorney fees and costs before we file your case. It doesn’t have to be paid in a lump sum! We can place you on a recurring payment plan that fits comfortably within your budget and your case is filed once everything is paid. Under this bankruptcy payment option, you will receive a discount off our regular attorney fees!

$500-Down Option: Under this option, we enter into a pre-petition agreement for a $500 retainer. This bankruptcy retainer will cover the preparation and filing of the documents necessary to open a bankruptcy case and provide you relief under the automatic bankruptcy stay. These documents are: the initial bankruptcy petition, statement of social security number, and application to pay the court filing fees in installments (we call these the "Initial Bankruptcy Papers"). These documents only open your case. The court then gives you 14 days to complete the rest of the required forms and file them. If you don’t get that done within 14 days, your case is dismissed.

Once your case is filed, you then have three options to complete your Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing: (1) proceed pro se (also known as do-it-yourself); (2) hire another attorney to complete the case; or (3) enter into a post-petition fee agreement with Bankruptcy Law Firm of Orfelia Mayor to complete the bankruptcy case. This option allows you to pay your attorney fees on a comfortable payment plan up to twelve months in length.

Zero-Down Option: Enter into a Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy pre-petition retainer agreement for the preparation and filing of the Initial Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Papers for $0 down with the same options to either proceed pro se, hire another attorney, or enter into a post-petition fee agreement which allows you to pay the attorney fees and costs on a comfortable payment plan. Under this plan you will only pay the court filing fee of $335 but all attorney fees and the remaining $150 in costs are paid post-filing under a bankruptcy payment plan up to twelve months in length.

Customized Option: You know your financial obligations. You know what you can afford to pay monthly. You know what you can afford to pay upfront. We know we want to help everyone get a fresh start. We are open to discussing your particular situation and customizing a payment plan that fits your needs. Want to put more than $500 down so that your monthly payment afterwards is lower? No Problem! As always, you have choices when you choose us to be your debt relief partner.

With our “No Money, No Problem!” Ft Lauderdale Bankruptcy Payment Option – we’ve taken money off the table as an obstacle to getting the peace of mind that you deserve. Come talk to us today in our Ft. Lauderdale Bankruptcy office and find out how you can get started today.

Our No Barriers Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy is just one of the great reasons to visit our Cooper City bankruptcy office. We are conveniently located just minutes away from Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Sunrise, Hollywood, Davie, Pembroke Pines, Miramar and Plantation.

No Barriers Bankruptcy is Here.

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Client Reviews
"Orfelia Mayor is that rare combination of integrity and compassion in an attorney. I think she does as much counseling as she gives legal advice. I turned to her during a very difficult time in my life. I could never have imagined that I would ever have to file for bankruptcy. She listened to all of my concerns and fears and put me at ease during our consultations. She is very knowledgable and extremely professional..." Olga
"Ms. Mayor clarified our concerns and we had no qualms about bringing our case to her. She is knowledgeable, professional, diligent and caring. She treats her clients with special care. I cannot say enough about this firm. She is our secret weapon...always there to battle on our behalf." Dorcas
“...She explained everything to me with a lot of patience and listened to what I was worried about. Everything went exactly as she said it would and I am not worry free, debt free and already have credit cards again. I got rid of about $50,000 in debt for a SMALL fraction of that amount, THANK YOU!” Magaly
“Attorney Orfelia Maria Mayor is one of the most excellent Bankruptcy attorney's here is Florida and works above and beyond these criteria’s. Throughout the process, she explained all the necessary steps and documents required and answer all “crucial personal ” questions advising on how to proceed to the best of my interest...“ Melinda
“I went to the office of Orfelia, looking for some advise, in return she took my case right in, and help me right away. i would definitely recommend her service to anyone who's facing debts and wants to file bankruptcy.“ Tatiana Hernandez